StarLights' Guarantee

The Starlights warranty makes our stunning outdoor lighting as worry-free as it is beautiful. Our guarantees – the best in the industry – are effective from the date of the original installation.


All outdoor lighting transformers installed by Starlights have a lifetime warranty. The warranty does not cover lightning strikes, acts of God, any problems caused by home electrical issues or service calls to reset circuit breakers or GFCIs. These repairs are subject to charge. If anyone other than qualified Starlights personnel accesses the transformers for any reason other than timer adjustment, this warranty is void.


Our outdoor lighting fixtures, all made in the US, have a ten-year warranty. The warranty does not cover damage due to incidental or consequential misuse, abuse, lightning, or acts of God.


Low voltage outdoor lighting wire installed by Starlights is covered by a ten-year warranty. The warranty does not cover wire mistakenly cut by the property owner or their vendor, or an electrical shortage to the line as a result of anything being driven, stapled or manipulated into the wire lines.


All out door light bulbs installed by Starlights are warranted for one year with normal use (dusk to midnight). Bulbs operated from dusk to dawn are warranted for six months. The bulb warranty applies only when replacement service is performed by qualified Starlights personnel. If anyone else services the system or replaces the bulbs, no bulb warranty will be in effect from Starlights, and you may void your system warranty as well. All bulb replacements must be halogen bulbs of the same type and wattage as the original bulbs. Use of incorrect bulbs can lead to system failures, including fixture damage. Service calls due to problems associated with bulb replacements made by someone other than Starlights personnel will incur a service fee.